St. Patrick’s Day “The Burch” Pre-Order!

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OBC will be open for St. Patrick’s Day!🍀


The Burch will be on site with a special - The St. Patty Smash!

Aged beef smash piled with house made corned beef, Irish cheddar, Jameson bbq sauce, and pickled cabbage slaw. 


Salted pretzels with OBC GrandDunkel cheese sauce.

If you want to make sure that you get food (these are high sell out risk,) pre-order!  The St. Patty Smash will be made to order, so you’ll let The Burch know when arrive then hangout (grab a beer!) and wait for your name to be called.


Note: Any purchase that you make through will automatically add your email to our O-MAIL, which is a message that we send out occasionally to let you know about fun stuff happening at OBC.  To be removed from the list, just ask nicely.