OBC Tote

Regular price $ 12.00

We are so STOKED about our new tote bags!!

First, OBC = One Bighearted Community is so close to our hearts. ❤️ The brewer makes the beer, but the community makes the brewery.

Second, $2 from every tote that is sold - with a match from us - will go to Greene County Chamber of Commerce’s Feed the Frontline initiative.

Third, a six pack or 32 ounce growler fits 🙌🏼 perfectly 🙌🏼 in the tote!

$12 for a tote // $20 for a tote with a six pack // $25 for a tote with a 32 ounce growler and fill

Note: Orders with a six pack or growler must be picked up at the Brewery.  Shipping will be reimbursed.

Let us know in the order notes your beer style or hard seltzer selection.  Click here for our weekly menu.