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Saturday, July 27, 8pm

Mixtape -  The band that makes you point your finger high in the air with your eyes closed screaming, "That's My JAM!"

Get ready to rewind through the decades with Mixtapes!  They're bringing their unique blend of talent and energy, taking you on a journey through the decades infusing each era with their signature mash-ups, remixes, and fun medleys.  You'll dance to the infectious beats of the 80s and 90s, and even hop into the 2000's, guaranteeing a summer party atmosphere that transcends time and appeals to music lovers of all ages.

Prince, MJ, Madonna, B52s, Journey, Billy Idol, Whitney, Estafan, Loggins, Shania, Bobby Brown, even Bruno Mars and GaGa....We've got you covered!  So throw on your best neon, spritz extra hair spray, put on your dancing shoes because it's time to party like it's 1989!

Note: When you check out, you will select either shipping or local pick-up.  This is for accounting purposes; we don't have hard copy event tickets to mail or be picked-up.  On the night of the concert, you and your guests will go to the check-in table and give the name under which the order was placed.  Easy-peasy!

This is an 18 and older show.  Beer and/or hard seltzer is not included in the price of a ticket.  Georgia law prohibits any alcohol on site other than what is made by the brewery.  I.e., no, you may not bring your own alcohol to an event at OBC.